Perseo allows any user in possession of a Smartphone with NFC technology to open any hotel door using their mobile device.
The reader outside the room, which is compatible with NFC technology, as well as the cards already used by the Perseo system, allow access via the client’s Smartphone.
Using the device is simple: after check-in, Perseo sends the client’s Smartphone a ciphered SMS with details of the booking. The guest simply needs to hold the Smartphone near the external reader to open the door to their room.
Perseo is also able to interact with online booking systems via the internet and via the automatic check-in station. The client can book and register entirely on their own.

The system offers a broad range of room access terminals:
• A handle which functions completely independently with an integrated transponder, controlling access to rooms by guests and hotel staff;
• A transponder reader connected to the room bus with a glass front in the Kristal Touch series;
• A transponder reader with NFC technology for access to rooms directly via the client’s Smartphone.